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            Air cooler introduction

            Air cooler, referred to as air cooler, with air as a coolant, can be used as a cooler, can also be used as a condenser. Air cooler mainly by the tube bundle, brackets and fans. Air Cooler Hot fluid flows through the tube, blowing air outside the tube bundle. As the heat required for a large amount of ventilation, and wind pressure is not high, so the use of axial fans (see Fluid Transfer Machinery).

            The type and material of the tube bundle have a significant impact on the performance of the air cooler. As the air side of the heat transfer coefficient is very small, so often in the tube plus fin, in order to increase heat transfer area and fluid turbulence, reducing thermal resistance. Air coolers are mostly radial fins. The air cooler usually adopts a light pipe with an outer diameter of 25 mm, a low-fin tube with a height of 12.5 mm and a high-fin tube with a height of 16 mm. Fins are generally made of high thermal conductivity material (most commonly aluminum), wound or embedded in the light pipe. In order to strengthen the heat transfer effect of the air cooler, water can be humidified in the inlet air. This will not only reduce the air temperature, but also increase the heat transfer coefficient. Using air cooler can save a lot of industrial water, reduce environmental pollution and reduce infrastructure costs. Especially in the water-scarce areas, air-cooled instead of water-cooled, can ease the contradiction between inadequate water.


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