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        Air cooler fin tube introduction

        Air cooler fin tube of the basic form are: sets of films, around the sheet, rolled sheet, welded sheet, oval tube, insert film, turbulence, spoke, slotted form of corrugated form. The main structure of the air cooler tube box flange, pipe plug and manifold. General flange for low pressure, pipe plugging and manifold for high pressure.

        Air-cooled finned tube manufacturing process has the overall shape, welding, high frequency welding, mechanical connection. The integrally formed fins are integral with the tube and provide good heat transfer, mechanical and thermal expansion but high manufacturing costs for low finned tubes (ie, threaded tubes).

        Welding fins can be welded with different materials, fins and tubes, easy to manufacture, but the weld residue is not conducive to heat transfer, welding quality must be guaranteed. High-frequency welding fin The use of high-frequency generator to produce high-frequency induction, so that the surface of the tube and the fin contact with high temperature and part of the melt, and then through the pressure to make the fin and tube into one, the connection process without flux, Solder, easy to manufacture, excellent performance, is the most widely used industrial process.

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